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I bought one as a gift for my boyfriend who is recovering from hip bursitis. We are both powerlifters and as with any sport, injuries seem to be inevitable. We have friends who introduced us to massage guns but they were ridiculously expensive and out of budget. When I came across the Vibra Massage Gun, I was eager to see if the amazing price compromised the quality of the massage gun, and was pleasantly surprised when I received my order. The Vibra Massage Gun is an incredible steal! The adjustable speed settings and attachments allow you to choose how deep of a massage you want. Using the Vibra Massage Gun has helped drastically with releasing the tight muscles that were pulling on my boyfriend's hip, causing him further pain. As college students we don't have time to go for weekly hour long deep tissue massages, so the Vibra Massage Gun is the perfect solution. I also purchased another for my dad to use for his achy back! It's the perfect gift and so convenient as it's super light yet durable. 100% would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a massage gun. It's helped with stiff muscles and overall muscle recovery after a grueling workout!

Abigail P.

I have been having a stiff neck and muscle soarness usually after the gym and working out or playing sports. I would usually just stretch it out but sometimes it would stay, after using this for days now I can say this is amazing. I use the massage gun after a workout on the spots that I feel soar or stiff and it helps massage it and I feel good right after. Theres other massage guns out there that are similar but for the price of this one, its excellent. It was easy to use out of the box and started using it right away. The battery life is pretty good and last me about a good day or 2 depending how many times I work out. It helps with my neck pain and I use it about everyday for that, it slowly took away the stiffness and they come with different insertions for what you need it for. Overall its a wonderful product.

John K.

I am active and often push my muscles to the extreme. I have heard the hype of these massage guns and thought it was about time I gave them ago. The only problem was the cost. However, I found this one and for half the cost of the top brand (when it looks identical). I thought why not give it a go. I purchased it, a little skeptical. The massage gun is awesome. I have tested the hyper volt and it compares or even excels over that one in my opinion. I did not notice a difference in the two. The massage gun is well built, and the battery life is surprising long before you have to re-charge it. I absolutely love this and am super excited to keep using it. It has relieved pain a lot quicker and it means I do not need to go pay for a sports massage and I can use this anywhere. LOVE IT.

Nicholas G.
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